Welcome to Reception!

This half term our teaching and learning will focus on developing routines, making friends, the season Autumn and some ways we can look after our world through our text “Errol’s Garden”. In this book Errol tells us of his desire for a real garden. He is good at growing things but is running out of space in his tower block flat. Then, one day, he realises that the block has a roof which would make the perfect place for a garden. He involves his neighbours who bring their range of skills to creating it. This picture book has minimal text and illustrations which depict a diverse community. 

Here is the Knowledge Organiser support this learning. Please play games or make quizzes about the content to help your child learn this information. 



Here is the newsletter explaining this half term's learning in full and useful website links and apps. 




In R.E. we follow the SACRE scheme. This half term our learning will focus on 'Which stories are special and why?' Please see the attached Knowledge Organiser to support your child's learning in this area. 




As  healthy school and one that loves books, we ask that parents choose a book for their child's class to present on their birthday which will have a special named book plate inside.  Books can be chosen from our Amazon wishlist, which is also linked to our easy fundraising page, so double win for school! https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/ls/CA71BXRV4EJ8?ref_=wl_share


Reception Organisation

Reception Teacher and Foundation Stage Leader: Mrs L Blackshaw

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Rearden and Mrs Lord Jones.

Welcome to our class page. In Reception we learn through exploring and investigating, we love learning indoors and outdoors.  

Reading Books are changed on Monday and you can use the support guide below to develop reading mastery using your reading book.


Library Books are changed every Monday, these are for you to read to your child to help them develop a love of reading. 

PE takes place weekly on Tuesday and Friday. Children must come to school dressed in their P.E. kit on these days.

Useful websites:

Reading / Phonics: www.teachyourmonstertoread.com

Phonics: www.phonicsplay.co.uk

Phonics: www.epicphonics.com

Phonics: www.mrthornenetwork.com/phonics





Tricky Words phase 2
Sing along and learn the phase 2 tricky words.

Tricky words phase 3
Sing along and learn phase 3 tricky words.

Phonics play
Games to support learning in phonics

Supports blending and segmenting of words.


Early Learning
Games to print and play

Top Marks
Maths games compatable with ipad and desktop

What to expect, when?

What to expect, when?
Guidance to your child's learning and development in the foundation stage

Why asking questions is important
Tips to help improve your child's reading comprehension and vocabulary