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Science Whole School Long Term Plan 2018-19

Following the changes to the National Curriculum from 2014, the aim of Science at Bradley Green is to develop children’s ‘working scientifically’ skills alongside the key objectives laid out for each year group.



Objectives for the unit are retrieved from the national curriculum.


Long Term Plans should take into account the length of the unit/number of objectives to cover and the amount of weeks in each half term.


We aim to encourage children to think for themselves, build on the knowledge they already have and apply their skills to a range of everyday problems and activities.


In Science lessons

Below are the expected elements to be seen within Science teaching across the school:

  • All children should have the opportunity to talk with one another about their scientific thinking and processes.
  • Children should be provided with hands on experiences and the opportunity to carry out experiments. Children should be secure with the way they carry out experiments, starting with a question, predictions, method, results and reasoning.
  • Children should record in a variety of ways- tallies, graphs, written descriptions, diagrams, labels etc.
  • Children should have the opportunity to mark and correct work and respond to feedback.

Formative Assessment

Formative assessment should be carried during and after each Science lesson. These assessments will be seen in a child’s book from looking at the learning objective and may be seen on annotated lesson plans. This formative assessment should be used in identifying next steps for children.


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