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The role of the Eco Representative is an important one and all of our class representatives show a high level of responsibility towards their Eco role.   All Eco Representatives  attend half termly meetings where they are the Eco voice for their year group.  The Eco Representatives for this year are;

  • Year 2 - Kieran Kenworthy and Skye Rogers
  • Year 3 - Olivia Ellor and Aaron Mylott
  • Year 4 - Shamun Dawd and Cora Selwood
  • Year 5 - Caitlin Kinnard and Callum Taylor
  • Year 6 - Caitlin Lansom and Ellie Hicks
  • Eco Co-ordinator -  Mrs Trucca
  • School Caretaker - Mr Barrow
  • Eco Governor       - Mr P Morton 

Eco Newsflash!

On Thursday 17th July 2014 the Eco School Council were all involved in the Green Flag renewal interview which required them to meet the Eco Assessor, Mrs Karen Parker and provide evidence to show that our school has met all the Green Flag renewal criteria.  All of the children were proud to talk about their involvement in the Eco School Council and talk about all the the things we do in school to be environmentally friendly.  The Eco Council took Mrs Parker on a guided tour of the indoor and outdoor environments  to showcase all of the Eco curriculum teaching and learning that has taken place since her last visit in 2012.  Mrs Parker was very impressed and we are pleased to report that our application for Green Flag status was successful.  Our Green Flag will continue to fly high on our flag pole in the school playground showing our dedication and hard work to sustain our Eco Schools Green Flag status.

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