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We love Learning!

At Bradley Green Primary Academy we provide the children with a rich and broad curriculum within which all pupils can learn and achieve.


We teach the National Curriculum with a cross-curricular approach for our foundation subjects. The topics include ‘I’m a year 6 pupil, get me out of here’, ‘What was it like 100 years ago?’, ‘Would a dinosaur make a good pet?’ and ‘Extreme Earth’. This has encompassed skills and knowledge from different subject areas such as the history and geography, Science, the arts. Each topic starts with an exciting WOW moment that hooks the children's interests and gets them exciting about what they will be learning about.

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For more information about our curriculum please go to the individual class pages on the website to find out more or ask the class teacher
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The curriculum is enhanced through visits, visitors and special events throughout the year. For example year 6 have the opportunity to participate in a newspaper writing workshop, led by a reporter to give the Year 6 pupils real life experiences and a purpose for writing. As a school we strive to give children the opportunity to gain essential skills, understanding and knowledge, which allow them to become independent in their learning.

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Whole School approach to teaching reading 

  • All children have an age appropriate reading book
  • All children listened to read (either 1:1 or in a group

*See below for our teaching sequence for reading

Reading Environment

All classrooms have a book area where children have access to a range of high quality fiction and non-fiction, comics, newspaper etc, class recommendations


Pupils need to develop fluency to ensure they can read at the correct level for sustained periods of time (use 90 words a min as expectation)

Catch up/Intervention

Where pupils are not meeting age related expectations – daily 1:1 reading, Stile phonics and comprehension, Better Reading


Where pupils are reading at a much greater depth – teachers need to provide access to a wider range of texts to allow pupils to make links and develop further understanding

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Reading Schemes

Our Reading schemes vary to give the children opportunity to read a range of books from fiction including traditional tales, Shakespeare and Classics such as Treasure Island to non fiction.

We have books from the following schemes:

  • Oxford Reading Tree (including Fireflies, Jackdaws and More Jackdaws, Robins and More Robins and ORT Tree Tops)
  • Snapdragons
  • Cambridge Reading
  • Project X


In phonics we follow letters and sounds and where possible link it to our reading and writing across the curriculum.

Reading Book Bands



At Bradley Green we follow White Rose Maths. White Rose gives all children an opportunity to master the curriculum. Children are exposed to fluency tasks and then challenged through reasoning and problem solving activities. Below you will find the yearly overview for each year group.




We love computing here at Bradley Green and have a range of laptops and iPads for the children to use in their computing lessons and for cross-curricular learning. We have embraced the new Computing curriculum and children right across school have been learning how to program, film using green screen and create exciting stories for others to read on our class blogs.

We are seeking to develop people who are happy and equipped to make a positive contribution to society, achieve economic well-being and are lifelong learners.


A good, well-managed homework programme helps children to develop the skills and attitudes they will need for successful lifelong learning.

Homework also supports the development of independent learning skills and provides parents with an opportunity to take part in their children’s education. Spellings, reading, maths and English skills are sent home on a weekly basis.

Extreme Reading at BGPA

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